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Which components of the lift will affect the lift

For friends who often use elevators, they must know the main structure of the elevator very well. The elevator is mainly composed of rail frame, lifting mechanism, material flat car, attachment device, safety device and electrical equipment. At the same time, everyone knows that when buying a lift, its safety is the most important. After all, the lift has to carry a certain amount of materials and people, and the height of the span is also very large.

Advantages and disadvantages of scissor type and guide rail elevator

Advantages of scissor hydraulic lifting platform: 1. Scissor hydraulic lift has a scissor bracket under the platform, so it runs very smoothly when it is loaded.

Understand the role of safety devices in construction hoists

The safety devices of the construction hoist include damped rope break protection device, hand brake brake, door hook safety insert, cage door interlock switch, rope break switch, upper and lower limit switches, upper and lower limit switches and spring-type buffer devices on the base .

Installation instructions for protective doors of construction hoists

In the construction site, high-rise construction needs to install elevators as a passage for raw material transportation and personnel entering floors. Because high-rise construction has a certain degree of danger, safety protection work must be done before the elevator is put into use, and floor protection doors are installed according to regulations to prevent occurrence Accidents involving people falling and falling objects hurting people.

[Elevator] Explanation of safety inspection standards for construction of construction elevators

(1) The inspection and evaluation of the construction lift shall comply with the current national standard "Safety Regulations for Construction Lifts" GB 10055 and the current industry standard "Safety Technical Regulations for Installation, Use and Disassembly of Construction Lifts" JGJ 215.
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